Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Organization and Legal Structure

Canyon Gold & Gravel Inc. (Company), is a name change from American Hill Aggregates Ltd. incorporated under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia) (“BCBCA”) January 15, 2001.

It is estimated Canyon Gold & Gravel Inc. will become a reporting issuer in British Columbia by 2023, and achieve a public trading listing on the CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange) by the second or third quarter of 2023.

The Company is presently a non-reporting issuer in British Columbia and Ontario and its shares are expected to be listed for trading on the CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange) under the symbol CGG.

The Company’s registered office is located at:

  • Canyon Gold & Gravel Inc.
    2216 Folkestone Way, Suite 31
    West Vancouver, BC V3X 3H3

Historical Background

The principal business of the Canyon Gold & Gravel is to build, own and operate a placer gold, sand and gravel, and excavation fill operation supplying the Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley with superior aggregate product deposited from the Fraser River over thousands of years. The company intends to operate eight months a year, with stockpiles available twelve months of the year.

The Osha family, from Cranbrook, BC, a major shareholder in Canyon Gold & Gravel, are the last major placer gold miners in the Kootenays. The family business, Triple ’O’ Contracting has vast experience gained over 35 years in aggregate handling, placer gold mining, road building, heavy equipment, and the timber business. They produced over 12,000 ounces of gold in the Cranbrook area alone over the past five years. They are experts at operating, repairing and maintaining all aspects of heavy equipment required for onsite project operations. Triple O’s management construction skills include bonding and permits, First Nations, startup, site operations, completion and rehabilitation of sites, and all environmental requirements for project sites. Peter Osha will be responsible for all onsite operations.

The Osha family has teamed up with Brian L. Hauff, who has 40 years of law, private and public investments experience in North America and China. Mr. Hauff is responsible for corporate structure, pre-funding, capital raises, oversight, public listing, and liaising with professionals – and he has joined the Osha family as a founding stakeholder.

Products and Services

The Company’s revenue is primarily derived from washing the aggregates to recover gold and the high-quality, dense Fraser River gravel and sand. The various gravel sizes and sand will be sold to the sand and gravel market in the Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley ’Construction Hub’.

A third revenue stream will come from Fraser Valley clean excavation fill delivered to the Canyon site. The trucks delivering the excavation fill will return to the Fraser Valley with aggregate products reducing the trucking costs substantially.

River gravel and sand are highly sought after in the cement, landscaping, and construction industry. The recovered gold will be processed in Richmond, BC, at a government-licensed gold processor.

The Company’s objective is to develop a superior culture of service amongst its employees and sales force, with this culture being passed on to its customers.

Business Goals

Canyon Gold & Gravel’s near- and long-term growth goals are focussed on:

  • Securing financing and equity investment to support the startup business.
  • Secure financing and investment needs by Q1 and Q2 of 2023
  • Recruit team members to support the production activities by Q2–2023
  • Aim for first production activities by Q3–2023
  • Achieve sales exceeding $13M by Year 2 with 50%+ net profit