Flagstone for Residential and Commercial Use

Flagstone is in high demand for architectural uses in both residential and commercial applications. It is used for interior and exterior walls, fireplaces, flooring, walkways, patios fences, and cemetery markers.

Flagstone is known and loved for its rich texture in a broad range of colors – browns, grays, gold, and blues.

Canyon’s Cariboo Flagstone splits into highly desirable slabs 1 to 3 inches thick. Large sheets over 4 x 8 feet are common and demand much higher prices.

The stone can also be cut and shaped in a variety of ways, allowing for unique patterns. It’s a great choice for a more rustic look, and it preserves a green and earthy element.

Overview – Flagstone Project

Canyon’s Cariboo Flagstone consists of roughly 700 acres, is fully permitted and may be the largest operating quarry in Western Canada. The Flagstone Project is located about 35 km southwest of Quesnel, British Columbia.

The site is accessible by paved highway leading to a well-maintained forest service road about 15 minutes to the entry of the property. All roads including the on-site loop road have been upgraded with crushed rock and culverts. These roads provide access to the two developed quarry sites on the property.

Trucks will pick up the various sizes of Flagstone from the site and assemble them in the staging area adjacent to the highway. Here, they will be loaded onto long-haul transport trucks delivering the Flagstone to customers in cities and towns in Alberta and BC.

Project Size and Revenue

The Canyon Flagstone deposit is substantial and depths could run as deep as 100 feet or more. Canyon expects to start operations and ship product to market by April 2023. The company plans to operate the project 7 months out of the year, closing for the winter months.

The life of the Flagstone mine is estimated to be over 100 years, based on operating the mine about 146 days annually – from April to October.

The first-year production target is approximately 6,000 metric tonnes. The sales should generate gross revenue of $2,000,000 plus with net profits of $1,000,000 plus per annum. By the third year Canyon’s Cariboo Flagstone is projecting net profits in the $2,000,000 range.